Tips to Love Yourself and Your Team More + the Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

In honour of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to share some tips to spread the love all year long!

Probably everyone would agree that we all need more love in our lives. And this also goes for

the workplace. Taking care of yourself and your team, will only help you be a better co-worker,

give greater service to your clients and customers, and be more productive.

Filling our cups will only create overflow into others’ lives, creating a better atmosphere and

environment in which we work.

So, let’s get started.

5 Tips to Help you Practice Self-Love

1. Practice Self-Care.

In order to feel good and bring our best selves to work, we need to focus on caring for

ourselves first. This could include, but not limited to: eating nutritious and delicious food,

getting enough sleep, incorporating movement and exercise in our day, getting a

massage and resting when we need to.

2. Honour and Set Firm Boundaries.

Only you know what is okay and not okay with you. Setting boundaries helps you by

respecting yourself and others by teaching them how to treat you and what your needs

are. Afterall, no one is a mind reader. Is it up to you to know and be firm on what your

boundaries are.

3. Nurture your relationships, including the one with yourself.

Connection and Relationships are vital to us thriving. When we spend a lot of time at our

place of work, it is important to care for the relationships we have, with co-workers and

clients. And, of course don’t forget you - be mindful of how you talk to yourself and how

you treat yourself, just like you would with a friend or co-worker.

4. Learn how to forgive.

Forgiveness is a powerful way to be at peace in your life. And forgiving yourself and

others might be hard to do, but the benefits vastly outweigh the effort it takes to forgive

and let go.

5. Practice Gratitude.

Being grateful for what you have in your life - your home, your family, your work and your

colleagues to name a few, will only add more joy to your life. It’s easy to become bogged

down by stress, and day-to-day life, but an attitude of gratitude will always shift your

mood. There is always something to be grateful for.

Now that we’ve taken good care of ourselves and others, let’s take this one step further and

dive into the amazing benefits of corporate chair massage in the office!

Through our experience and research, corporate chair massage includes the following benefits*:

 Reduced Anxiety - a chance to focus on yourself and de-stress with a massage will

leave you feeling refreshed when you get back to your desk.

 High Participation - a great majority of employees will participate in corporate chair

massage, which ultimately benefits companies - more relaxed employees equals higher

quality work produced.

 Relieves Fatigue - sitting hunched in a chair all day is going to cause muscles to tense

up and the blood to stop flowing. Corporate chair massage increasing circulation and

reduces fatigue.

 Less Sick Days - When we feel better, we can show up for life. The benefits of

corporate chair massage last much longer than the day they were has, sometimes

weeks into the future.

 Gain Clarity - Sitting at a desk can also cause brain fog, as our circulation decreases.

Corporate chair massage will help you feeling clear once again. Some say it’s better

than a cup of coffee.

We hope you’ve enjoyed and are inspired by our Valentine’s Day tips to love yourself and your

co-workers more.