The Timelines Of A Facial & Face Mask

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

With easy access to a large amount of skin products that claim to do amazing things, it’s hard to know when we are going overboard and actually harming our skin.

There are face masks galore, serums, oils, moisturizers and even scrubs for exfoliation. Not to mention the insane library of DIY face masks on the internet.

How many times have you purchased one of these products or created a DIY one expecting a specific result and nothing happens? Probably more than you want to admit. The worst part is any result that you do achieve may only last for a couple of hours making you want to do another one the following day.

One way to avoid no results or unwanted results is to schedule time with your local aesthetician to get a professional facial. At first it seems like it’s going to be more costly, but the results, experience and time until the next one is well worth it.

Let’s walk through the timeline of a facial:

Immediately After

Face Mask: Your skin has a healthy glow

Facial: Your skin has a healthy glow.

48 - 72 Hours After

Face Mask:  effects have worn off and you are on to your next one

Facial: Hydrated skin and increased circulation

28 - 48 Days After

Face Mask: We’ve lost count as to how many you have used far

Facial: Your cells begin to regrow and long-term benefits are taking place

4 - 6 Weeks After

Face Mask: Your local drugstore has probably asked you to stop clearing the shelves

Facial: Time for a new appointment

As you can see it’s more beneficial to get a facial done than it is to invest your money into face masks from the drugstore.