Corporate Spa Services

Thursday, January 9, 2020

The idea of having a spa in your office probable seems pretty out there.

In a way it is, but it’s also an absolutely amazing experience.

The Wright Spa brings full-service spa amenities directly to your office or your corporate event. We have a network of top spa professionals that include:

  • Aestheticians
  • Massage Therapists
  • Manicurists
  • Hair Stylists
  • Make Artists

Each professional is fully licensed to guarantee complete service satisfaction for all of your employees.

Caring about you and your employees health/beauty is what we are passionate about, which is why we only use all-natural products with no preservatives and no harsh chemicals. We even have an exclusive luxury line of all-natural sugar scrubs, massage oils and body butters that we use for all of our patrons to provide them with the best in their overall health and wellness.

How We Transform The Space

The transformation process begins with full service event design and on-site spa construction. With flowing white sheers, spa decor, furniture, entertainment, and equipment, we magically produce an elegant spa setting in any environment. All of your guests will enjoy a spa themed event with an indulgent range of spa services using only the most natural products and ingredients, cocktails, entertainment and a whole lot of fun.

The Perfect Event For A Spa

You may be wondering what type of event you need to have in order to have a spa come and dazzle your guests.

Here is a list of some events that we love to bring our customized spa services to:

  • Product Launches
  • Promotional Events
  • Brand Awareness Events
  • Co-Promotion
  • “Retail-tainment”
  • In-market Grassroots Events
  • PR Outreach
  • Store Openings
  • VIP Client Events
  • Tradeshows
  • Customer Events
  • Corporate Incentives
  • Kick-off Events
  • Sponsorship Events
  • Charity Fundraisers

Services Offered

We have all kinds of professionals on deck ready to serve as mentioned above and provide a wide range of services for your corporate spa event.

  • Express Manicures & Pedicures
  • Mini Facials
  • Brow Bar
  • Hand & Foot Massages
  • Chair Massage
  • Updos & Makeup Application
  • Razor Shave

You have the option of creating whatever kind of feel you want for your corporate spa event including the services. We also provide receipts for our Registered Massage Therapists.

Why Have A Spa At Your Event?

The answer is pretty simple.

You want to stand out, be different and wow your guests and we can help you do that.

Chances are your employees have never experienced anything like this and there is nothing better than getting pampered for free!

Your employees will thank you for this one!

Contact us today for more information and to book your event!