Facial Spa Treatment


Classic Facial

Traditional cleansing and toning facial designed for a relaxing maintenance treatment. This service includes custom skin analysis, sea algae extract and cucumber cleanser, organic raspberry polish and hot towel, followed by a hydrating mask  of black seed extract with chamomile and a massage to firm and tone the skin.


European Facial

Get a healthy and radiant glow! Start with organic raw sugar cane and lemon cleanse, followed by light oatmeal and almond husk scrub, and a relaxing hot towel. A rich hydrating oat milk toner is used to firm skin, and is finished with a honey mask with jojoba oil and grape root moisturizer.


Anti-Wrinkle Facial

Pamper yourself with this wonderful and invigorating facial. This treatment transforms dull, lifeless complexions into a more youthful and vibrant skin tone. First we apply soy bean oil and honey milk cleanser; this is followed by a honey and almond husk scrub and then a facial mask that is filled with gotu kola and green tea.  With a coenzyme Q10 moisturizer, helps tighten the skin while smoothing and reducing the fine lines of aging.


Acne Treatment Facial

This is a great facial for clients who are fighting problem acne. We use a Sea Algae extract to remove toxins and leave your skin soft, smooth and healthy. Followed by a lemon scrub to help soften the sebaceous gland ducts, the lemon scrub’s acidic qualities help kill bacteria that contribute to acne. A calming steam and extraction are preformed, if needed, before applying the toner and a black mulberry black seed extract mask. The treatment is finished with a licorice root extract and Spanish sage moisturizer.


Dr. Renaud Luxury Facial

Since 1947 Laboratoire Dr Renaud has offered a totally natural concept in skincare treatment using only the finest natural plant and marine extracts. Receive a deep cleansing and rehydrating treatment for all skin types. Our classic European facial offers the consummate remedy to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This includes an aromatherapy neroli oil for cleansing and uplifting the skin, the delicate bitter orange blossom which is prized for its rehydrating benefits, and vitamin and antioxidant-rich liposomes to nourish, oxygenate and renew the skin.


Wright Spa Signature Orchid Facial

This clarifying facial is designed to brighten the complexion, refine pores and rebalance the skin. We apply a gentle spirulina gel cleansing, followed by an application of our lavender scented balancing toner. Next, the skin is treated with our hydrating raspberry extract, followed by a clarifying serum to prevent future breakouts, and organic aromatherapy lavender oil to soothe and calm the skin. Finally, we apply a light water-based moisturizer to protect the skin, an exfoliating scrub to refine pores, and purifying masque to refine and brighten the skin.




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